Custom Tile Bathroom

Did you know that by statistic, the tile shower is the # 1 project that is DONE WRONG in all of remodeling? We know this to be true because on a regular basis we have to rip out showers done by other contractors less than 5 years after they were installed the WRONG WAY.

In the last two decades the quality of tile work has gone down. We have always been dedicated to providing you with the highest quality work so we made a big decision. We wanted all of our crews to be trained at the highest level of tile installation. Therefore we rented a large bus and drove them to the Tile Council of North America in South Carolina.These are the purists in the tile industry. The Council is trying to bring the industry back to where it was 70 years ago. Our staff received the training needed to do the highest standard of work. Additionally, because they all completed the training, they are all following the same exact system- the correct system. This is absolutely vital for us because we do hundreds of shower installations a year.  

Our estimators can help guide you through the tile selection process as well as educate you on how the installation process will go.  

Protection to Your Home

Whenever you have a remodeling project in your home, you always worry about the workmen coming in and out and damaging floors and raising dust throughout the house. Well, with Bathmasters, you can stop worrying.  When we come to remodel your bathroom, your wood floors will be triple covered with paper, masonite and plastic from the staging area (where all the materials will be kept) to your bathroom. This protects from things dropping on the floor and denting it as well as liquid spilling.  We also install Zip Walls which consist of thick plastic sheeting with zippers that create a dust barrier for the project, but allow you, the homeowner to pass through. We respect your home and plan to leave it exactly the way it was before your remodel.

At Bathmasters, we want to provide you with the best solution for your bathroom remodel. We will come to your home, listen to your needs and evaluate with you what would be the best products to install in your home.