BathMasters on ABC Action News: Local contractor expanding efforts to train workers in construction.

ABC Action News, The Now visits our Clearwater, Florida location and explains how BathMasters is changing the construction industry by taking construction training and apprenticing into its own hands.


Well you don't have to look very far to see some kind of construction going on. 

Nearly 90% of contractors are even looking to hire.

And there just aren't enough people out there with the right skills. 

That's why The Now's Kira Masik tells us one company is hiring first and then teaching. 

Sebastian DeLeone is cutting a path into his new career.

Up until 6 months ago, the Bay Area father was working in North Carolina working a job that made him miserable. 

Well I decided to move to Florida to basically follow my dreams. 

He had a buddy working at local contractor BathMasters and learned the Pinellas County company offers a full paid training program to teach the tools of the trade. 

I didn't know what tools were what. I did not know the names of them. And slowly but surely, I can say that I have accomplished a lot. 

Bathermasters is now expanding into a 20,000 SF showroom and warehosuse just to meet the needs of their booming business. 

We're expanding rapidly. 

With that huge growth comes a big need for more workers but Norman says good help is getting harder and harder to find. So the company's new facility includes dedicated training space. 

We're running low on people so we need to, basically everybody needs to start training and apprenticing, quickly, the next generation because it is needed, not just by us. 

Sebastian got his early training done here then started learning in the field side by side with skilled workers. Now he's found what he's good at and puts his training to use every single day. 

And when you get to look back and see what you have accomplished, it's just a beautiful feeling. 

Norman hopes anyone looking for work, if they have no experience or even a college degree, will consider a construction career because the industry's future looks bright. 

For The Now I'm Kira Masik.