BathMasters: Enhance Your Home's Value by Selecting a Licensed & Insured Contractor for Remodeling Projects

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 BathMasters: Enhance Your Home's Value by Selecting a Licensed & Insured Contractor for Remodeling Projects

Choosing the right contractor for a home remodeling project can determine whether an upgrade is successful or becomes a financial nightmare. Greg Norman, founder of BathMasters, offers the benefits and advantages of hiring a licensed, insured and bonded contractor.

Spending on home improvements, maintenance and repairs reached an all-time record high of $340 billion in 2015.(1) In the bathroom segment alone, 14.2 million households engaged in a bathroom remodel or replacement.(2) Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau reported that in 2015, there were more than 3.6 million inquiries and over 4,200 complaints regarding general contractors, as well as approximately 158,000 inquiries and 351 complaints specific to contractors for remodeling and repairs.(3) From shoddy workmanship to not getting appropriate permits to never finishing the job, there are numerous things that can cause homeowners to be unhappy with contractors.(4) BathMasters founder Greg Norman shares the fundamentals for choosing the right contractor for the job, as well as the significance of choosing one who is licensed and insured.

At a time when home improvement and renovations are on the rise, it’s important for homeowners to safeguard their investment by hiring a licensed, insured and bonded contractor to do the job. “Although it may seem more economical to choose the cheapest contractor, the reality is that it can be extremely costly and may even decrease the home’s value in the end,” Norman cautioned. In fact, hiring an unlicensed contractor is risky business and can even result in steep fines. There are also times when the issues may not be obvious, such as when substandard materials are used, corners are cut or local building regulations are not complied with.(4) Worst of all, a contractor may take partial payment and then fail to return and finish the job.(4)

Unlicensed contractors generally offer lower quotes since they don’t pay licensing fees or obtain bonds to cover their work, and may not even have worker’s compensation insurance.(5) Homeowners may be enticed by the lower price; however, it can mean financial devastation.(5) Unpermitted work that is not up to code can impact the home’s value, and the liability and expense to have the work redone will fall on the homeowner.(5) The homeowner will be held responsible for injuries or accidents occurring on the property if the contractor doesn’t have worker’s compensation.(5) Additionally, damage done to a neighboring property is the responsibility of the homeowner who hired the unlicensed contractor.(5)

Norman stressed that a key factor in having successful renovations is for homeowners to do their homework when looking for a reliable and reputable licensed contractor. One of the easiest ways to get started is to request recommendations from family, friends, neighbors and coworkers, and to look at online contractor referral services, contractor websites and review sites. Homeowners can also find licensed contractors by state or look on to find licensed and accredited contractors. Next, check the credentials and history of the top selections and get bids from them, including the cost for materials and details of the project’s scope. Norman said, “It may seem like a lot of work up front, but homeowners need to be vigilant in protecting their most valuable asset—their homes.”

Continuing a family legacy of quality construction and excellent customer service, Greg Norman and his brother David have built companies that incorporate the principles of high-quality work, personal integrity and treating customers how they, themselves, would want to be treated. BathMasters, a building, plumbing and electrical contractor with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, specializes only in bathroom renovations. They also stand behind their work with all products and materials having a manufacturer warranty, along with a three-year installation warranty—well over the one-year industry standard.

About BathMasters:
BathMasters is a Virginia plumbing, electrical and building contractor company with showrooms and warehouses in Northern Virginia and Tampa Bay, Florida. BathMasters is rapidly expanding to meet the demand of its customers for high-quality, full-service bathroom renovations as well as tub-to-shower conversions built to last the test of time. With thousands of custom bathrooms remodeled, BathMasters has become the premier choice for bathroom renovation needs.
Co-founders and brothers Greg and David Norman grew up amongst a family of masters. Their father was a master plumber, and their uncles worked as a master electrician, a master carpenter, and a Class A homebuilder. The “Norman family legacy” has always been about high-quality work, never cutting corners, and integrity with homeowners. It is this legacy that Greg and David continue at BathMasters. Their mission is to improve the skill-level of bathroom installers through their extensive workforce training programs, to the benefit of homeowners and the industry itself. Visit and

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