BathMasters on FOX 13 10:00 News: Car slams into our new building! But, everyone is okay!

We were on the news again! Car slams into our new building in Florida... but, everyone is okay!


I was telling one of my guys to get out of the way because I saw the guy driving over the curb coming right at our front door.

With only seconds to spare, employees at a Largo business jump out of the way as a car slams into this building.

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The bathroom renovation company in Largo, doing some renovations of their own after an SUV plows right into their building. It just slammed into the building today. And this is the scene at the BathMasters on Ulmerton Road this afternoon. Good bit of damage there. FHP tells us the driver Michael Shane Mandell was trying to change lanes when he hit another vehicle then ran off the road and into the building. 

Troopers did cite him with careless driving.