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Bathmasters, a division of Greg Norman and Associates, is a Virginia based company. We are family owned and operated and have been in business for over ten years.

Bathmasters was created to specialize only in bathroom renovation.  We are experts in both custom tiled bathrooms and the highest quality acrylic bathrooms.  Our project estimators are fully trained in all aspects of bathroom remodeling and will spend the time to find out your needs and concerns and help you choose what is the best option for you.  Our installers have been trained to the highest levels of proficiency so that your bathroom will be installed correctly the first time.

We are licensed contractors as well as licensed electricians and plumbers.  The quality of customer service and the quality of our product and installation are the driving forces in our business.  For that reason, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  

When it comes to standing behind our work, we go the extra mile.  All of the products you buy are warranted by the manufacturer but that is just the materials.  We warranty the installation for three years- three times the industry standard of one year.

The History Behind the Company

We would first like to clarify our company’s designations. GNA is short for Greg Norman and Associates, Inc. which operates as GNA, the Kitchen & Bath Design Studio and as BathMasters in Virginia and Florida.

Greg Norman, GNA’s founder, his brother and partner David Norman (head of GNA’s production division) and their father Bill Norman have a rich history in the construction industry.

Greg and David were brought up by their father Bill, a Virginia Master Plumber, who had his boys learning all aspects of the industry throughout their upbringing.  Bill had help from Greg and David’s uncles; one a new home builder, another a Master Carpenter and yet another, a Master Electrician.  

Bill Norman worked for years in the union before making it to the rank of Master Plumber.  He went on to start and run his own company, Pipemasters, followed by decades giving back to the industry as a Virginia Plumbing Inspector.  He eventually came on board as an officer of GNA. He invested years working one-on-one with Greg and David to ensure GNA’s training and installation methods were efficient and able to produce the highest-quality jobs possible before his passing a few years ago.

The “Norman Family Legacy”

Greg and David Norman

Greg and David Norman

Greg and David literally grew up helping their dad on all sorts of projects while Bill carefully bestowed upon them the “Norman Family Legacy.” A legacy of quality.  A legacy of honest dealings and the real lasting satisfaction that comes from a job well done. 

Greg and David were learning the names and proper use of basic and specialty tools and procedures since before they can remember! Their small size when when they were children made them ideal helpers especially when the job was being done in the crawl space under a house. Here, under old houses, sitting around their dad in the dark, one brother passing tools out of the bag as quickly as possible while the other was in charge of aiming the flashlight, is really where the story begins. 

Bill used these precious hours not just to plumb up houses but to teach Greg and David, in an undistracted environment, family values. These values reach who knows how far back from generation to generation, not just about plumbing and building codes, but about how to get along in life, how to treat others with respect and fairness, etc.


Following the Building Codes

Bill constantly taught Greg and David,  “Never cut corners... Never!”  It was all about high-quality work, personal integrity, treating customer the way you would expect to be treated, and so on.  Just good solid advice on how to get along in the world, and how to feel good about yourself by producing the best quality product that would stand the test of time.  Bill cautioned his sons, “If you cut corners and try to make a quick buck, you’ll feel bad about it.  You have to do the best job you can to feel good about yourself.”    Greg and David took this advice to heart and later built their company incorporating these principles.

Greg and David had the ideal tutor...  who better to teach all the ins and outs than a Master Plumbing Inspector who had an integral part in every plumbing project he inspected over the course of decades?   An immense amount of experience and insight was gained and passed along to Greg and David.  Invaluable experience including examples of the most successful companies and projects as well as real horror stories usually caused by a lack of understanding and respect of the building codes.

Greg and David soaked it all up.  Even now, some years after their father’s passing, Greg and David can be found at the table tearing through the latest revisions of the code book ensuring they are current on their knowledge, making their dad proud.

Background in Real Estate

Probably of much less importance but possibly of interest into Greg’s background would be his avid quest for knowledge, and not just code books.  Greg loves learning and has always been a quick study starting college at the age of 15 and within a few years choosing to get knee deep in real estate.  Here he quickly became the youngest Real Estate Broker in Virginia and was buying and selling investment property and apartment buildings by the age of 20.  Yes, Greg has an internal motivation that is admirable.  

As a Virginia Realtor, Greg worked under his Aunt Judy, who developed and owned one of the most successful local real estate companies in the entire region, where he worked for the better part of a decade. He managed houses, apartment complexes and even entire condo associations.  In these associations, he was in a management position responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of every one of the units.  

Experience with Condominiums

condo bathroom renovation

In this position as Associate Broker, it was his responsibility to sit in and often run condo association meetings, learning not only all the legal issues associated with bylaws and minutes and but how condo associations really operate. This experience is the main reason that as GNA expanded over the years, instead of turning their backs on condominium owners like so many companies do, Greg embraced these projects.  GNA loves working in a condo environment, as difficult as other contractors may find that to believe.  You see, condos are a world of their own with many barriers to contractors that single family homeowners just don’t have.  Some examples include security gates, scheduling water shut-offs and elevators well in advance, limited number of approved working hours, trash removal considerations, increased liability insurance requirements, specialized licensing requirements in certain cities, getting the plans approved by the association’s covenants committee and all the rest of the various rules and regulations inherent to working in and with condo associations. 

Despite the difficulties, the real reward beside the satisfaction of helping so many people is the constant source of referrals they give.  As condo owners literally share the building with each other and often show off their beautiful new kitchen and bathroom with friends and neighbors, the word of our quality designs, products and installations spread rapidly. So rapidly in fact, that more than 50% of our customers reside in high-rise condo associations.

Another big factor in GNA’s decision to actively pursue more work in condo associations is to be found in the maxim, “Practice makes perfect!” Although we certainly do not proclaim to be perfect, it does help when many of our exclusive master craftsman have done in some cases over 100 new kitchens and bathroom renovations in the same condo complex.  Also, our estimators Chas, Aaron and Vince normally know exactly what is behind the walls and in some cases they know to the inch the dimensions of the kitchen or bathroom so the estimating process really goes smoothly as GNA has literally done it all before, over and over, thousands of times.  

Communication with our Customers is Vital

Another bedrock principle of GNA since day one is, “Always maintain a high level of communication with our customers.”  

This principle stems back directly to Greg’s days working as an Associate Broker managing the renovation and repair of many properties while at the same time trying to renovate his personal investment properties.  The fact became clear that tradesmen just don’t learn professional communication skills working in the unions or for large construction companies.  They may learn to deal with the foreman but when they branch out on their own and start their own renovation companies, they bog down quickly trying to handle the full workload as well as communicate effectively with customers.  Often times they don’t return phone calls, never provide a promised estimate, fail to show up to start the job as agreed and worse yet, don’t even give a warning phone call about a change in schedule.  Many of our customers have first hand experience with these and other unprofessional things that normally don’t happen in the usual business world.   

An Idea was Born

So Greg had an idea:  “What would happen if you took professional-level communication skill and combined it with top-quality craftsmanship and the best products?” 

Furthermore,” What would happen if instead of taking on all types of jobs including commercial, we just concentrated on one type of customer, residential homeowners?”

Soon, Greg decided to get back to his roots and continue the family tradition as a contractor and put this very idea to the test.  But first, Greg wanted to extend his knowledge past basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical toward the aesthetic freedom associated with designing bathrooms and kitchens for his customers.  

Then Greg chose to tackle the tile industry and engaged upon and completed a full internship to become a master tile installer.  He was then able to handle the most complex tile jobs and in the process, learned all the trade secrets and techniques that frankly, the competition usually doesn’t know.  

Added to everything else mentioned above is Greg’s personal commitment to always staying on top of the latest products and design trend.  

It was at this point that GNA was born!  Greg invited his brother David and best friend Chas to partner with him to make his dream a reality. Since then, GNA has enjoyed continuous expansion, even hitting highest ever numbers in the middle of the recession that crippled so much of the competition.  GNA is now a multi-million dollar company proud of its high-quality products and hard-won knowledge. This knowledge guides our state-of-the-art installation techniques that not only meet but in many cases exceed the residential building codes.  

Thank you for your interest in our company and we invite you to join the GNA family.  

GNA associates Chas Oliver, Vince Winteregg and Aaron Doerges stand ready to assist you in meeting your renovation needs.  

From Left to Right: Chas Oliver, David Norman, Greg Norman, Vince Winteregg and Aaron Doerges

From Left to Right: Chas Oliver, David Norman, Greg Norman, Vince Winteregg and Aaron Doerges

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